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Square a Saw is my personal little music project I started back in 2012. It's all about my journey in music production.

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My vision is to always put the music center stage, without big marketing efforts. I put all my energy in producing nice sounding music and hope it translates to you as the listener.


I don't work in a fancy studio. I just build my small little working space inside my room. This fulfills all my needs in producing some music.


My goal is to work on music every time I can. I always try to fit it into spots I know I can work in undistracted on new stuff.

little tools, big results

I rely on basic software and simple tools to make my sounds. I always try to simplify workflows, so I can be as effective as possible


Here you can find my most recent songs

Where Are You Now

ROZES & Nicky Romero - Where Would We Be (Square a Saw Remix)

Soul Eater

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Martin Ruhland


Music was always something that fascinated me, even when I was little. I always found it interesting to see how diverse and compelling songs could get. 

My first contact with actively making music were when I was playing my first instrument: the piano. I quickly fell in love with how fun it was to play it. A few years later I wanted to try something different. I started playing drums and developed some key techniques for creating nice fluid rhythms.

After that I realized that it would be fun to get full control over each parameter in a song and I quickly began my journey into music production. It were just simple little ideas at first, but I built a toolset of different techniques over the years and gained lots of experience.

Fast forward to 2018 I'm now pretty confident in my music and my work and love sharing it with the world