Here are some tracks I produced:


Morgan Page - Beautiful Disaster (Square a Saw Remix)

Had so much fun remixing this into something completly different. I hope you like the final result :)


Lightning [VIP]

I figured it was time to make a modern rendition of my old track Lightning. The VIP mix features some new added elements while staying true to the original. I hope you have as much fun listening to it, as I had making it! :)


Flying High

This was super fun to make! This song is written, composed, arranged, produced and sung by me. I basically made it completly on my own. It is a modern Pop song with some influences by genres like Dubstep or other Electronic stuff. I had so much fun…


Oxygen (2nd Edit) [feat. Tevlo]

Oxygen is a smooth Electronic track, which blends multiple elements and styles to create a comprehensive and nice song. I thought that it would be about time to remix one of my classic tunes. I wanted to bring the track Oxygen, I made a year ago, to…


Rewind (feat. Alexandra)

This has to be one of the most elaborate tracks I've ever made. It features rich vocals and nice melodies and an accelerating tempo, which ranges from 140 BPM up to 160 BPM. This genre bending track blends old Pop elements with new elements found in…


Down With Me

Here's something new. Worked really hard on this track and took a bit of a new direction with this. I hope you like it :)


Heavenly Eyes

Here's a new chill house track with vocals. It features some diverse music sections and nice chords, to give you a neat listening experience. I had much fun making this after roughly having a three month long break from making music. Have a nice day…



Made a new dubstep track. It is the first track, where I changed some of my mixing habbits to deliver an even cleaner mix. I also mixed an high dynamic range version of it, because it sounds nice ;)


Games (2nd Edit)

Made a new future bass edit of my track games. I released it under creative commons. This means that you can use it e.g. as background music in your youtube videos if you give attribution. I hope you like it :)


Feel Good

A happy pop song about feeling good.


Thermo (vocal edit) [collab with Dubswitcher]

Here's a new song Dubswitcher and I made together. It's a powerful glitch-hop song we started a couple of weeks ago.


Oxygen (feat. Tevlo)

This is a track I started as a challenge of what I  could produce only using stock plugins and samples. Everything you hear, except for the vocal, is something that FL Studio can do "out of the box". It's a really fun challenge and it turned out…


Lunar Lander

Made a dreamy melodic dubstep track. Really took my time with this to make it just perfect. I hope you like it :)


Apologies (feat. Kate Wild)

A new future bass track I made. It contains some neat vocals sung by Kate Wild. Hope you like it :)


Midnight Swim (feat. Cory Friesenhan)

Made a new future bass track. Hope you like it :)


Lightning (feat. Veela)

I was asked by Image-Line to make demos for their upcoming Veela Vocals Resynthesized product and here's what I managed to get going with it in more ore less 2 hours. It's such a versatile product and is really fun to use! Will probably make some…

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