Song info:

Oxygen is a smooth Electronic track, which blends multiple elements and styles to create a comprehensive and nice song. I thought that it would be about time to remix one of my classic tunes. I wanted to bring the track Oxygen, I made a year ago, to a whole new level while still keeping it recognizable. Everything in this song is made using stock FL Studio plugins and stock FL Studio samples. Except for the vocals and the guitar in the verse. I kept it very basic in terms of plugin usage because it is always nice to see, what can be achieved with just your DAW and the stuff it comes with. I hope you like it!


Verse (x2):
Embrace the cold as the night gets old
Await here for another day
Take me away
I need somewhere to breathe
Let go and release

Bridge (x2):
I’m losing oxygen
I’m struggling to stay afloat with you

Chorus (x2):
Stay with me, through thick or thin
Take the chance, I know we’ll win
See the cracks in my white lies
Chip away, show my fault line

© 2017 Martin Ruhland