Some info about the tools I use:

In short:

  • DAW: Image-Line FL Studio Signature Edition
  • Favorite VSTs: XferRecords Serum, XferRecords LFOTool, some Native Instruments Kontakt libraries
  • Audio-Interface: Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6
  • Microphone: Røde NT1-A
  • Monitors: a pair of old Hi-Fi speakers  (only used to monitor the final mix), some custom build speakers and Sennheiser HD 598SR


FL Studio Signature Edition

by Image line
A picture showing the interface of FL Studio

I really love this software! It's such a versatile DAW and allows me to get my ideas down very quickly. It's also very customizable, as it allows for a workflow tailored to your personal preference. This means, that you can work as quickly and organized as you want.

Image-Lines own forum is also very helpful, as you can get answers to your questions there very fast. All in all I can only recommend this software if you’re just starting out and even if you are on sort of an intermediate level in terms of music production.

Favorite VSTs


by XferRecords
A picture showing the interface of Serum

This is the best soft-synth I ever used! Its sheer endless possibilities in modulating and shaping a sound the way you want is just something incredibly useful when doing some sound design.

Add high-quality oscillators to the package and you got a really nice option for synthetic sounds, which despite being synthesized breath and got warmth to them


LFO Tool

by XferRecords
A picture showing the interface of LFO Tool

If you know what an LFO is, you should quickly realize, how useful this plugin is. It has a total of 12 LFOs in it which can be altered any way you want. This allows for custom LFO shapes. After setting an LFO with a time synced rate you can modulate volume, filters and panning directly from the plugin.

In addition it has a ton of filter types, so even if you don't use the LFO you can still use it to add filtering effects to your audio

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Kontakt 5 libraries

by Native Instruments
A picture showing the interface of Kontakt5

Kontakt 5 is my go-to when I need some sampled instrument in my track. I collected some nice libraries over the years which allow me to add some natural sounds to a song if needed.

The instruments are usually sampled with really high quality and preserved details and are superb in my opinion.

My favorites include:

  • The Grandeur
  • Studio Drummer
  • Session Guitarist Strummed Acoustic 2
  • Emotive Strings
  • Session Strings


Komplete Audio 6

by Native Instruments
A picture showing the audio interface Komplete Audio 6

Very nice audio interface. It has enough in- and outputs for me and has some nice DACs and ADCs in there for clear signal processing.

Also has a decent headphone amp and dedicated port for it in there which is nice as you can switch between monitoring with monitors and headphones very easily.


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